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We have another victim of porn accusation - Egoak.

In the discussion there were many angry comments containing popular prejudices. I usually don't care, but Egoak seems to be reasonable and talented, it would be a pity to lose him. Let's deal with three most popular prejudices that may lead you to suspension/ban and give a great disappointment:
1)"This is censorship!"
2)"It was not porn!"
3)"It was because someone have reported, and he did it because he dislike me!"

1.So called "censorship".

There is no censorship, because real censorship is forbidding something legal for some side reasons (usually political). Inappropriate usage of this word is only the sign of ignorance. DA has no censorhip. However, DA (like any other site) has rules. When you have registered here, you've checked the box "I have read the rules and agree to follow them". Consider them as local laws.
Unfortunately, many people support one rules (forbidding the spam, insulting or distributing the works with no artist's permission) but completely ignore other ones as "weird" or "stupid", or don't even know about them. Guys, it's not honest - those spammers, for example, also may agree with all the rules - except for NO SPAM. So, if you don't want to follow the rules of the road - don't drive; if you don't want to follow the rules of the site - don't enter...

2.So called "no porn"

Some artists accused on porn say "It was no porn!". The problem is that they have applied their own porn criteria. Guys, it's not honest, because drunk people often say "I'm NOT drunk" (well, the amount of alcohol differs "sober" from "drunk" increases faster than you drink :giggle), and cheaters often say "I didn't cheat, I've just used your carelessness" Rage To avoid such tricks, people accept some objective criteria: who is drunk, what is cheating, and... what is porn :blushes: These criteria are controversial, but we simply have to apply them to other works. Otherwise, every person would be able to take down any work because he dislikes it.
DA has quite clear policy. I personally agree with most of the point. Even if one day I'll decide to make something "hot", I'll just post it elsewhere - many artists do it and it's quite wise.

3.So called "enemies".

This is the most dangerous prejudice. People think that works are deleted only because someone have reported them. Their "solution" of this problem is trivial:
a)to not post at all (and ruin everything they have put into account)
b)or to not post "wrong" works (the criteria what is wrong remains subjective, so they get a real risk to be banned next time)
c)or post only "correct" works, but not check the old ones
d)and, however, start a heated debates on their comments, risking to get more enemies!
This is very dangerous because one day some of their old, or "new correct" works may catch the eyes of staff member and... yes, he will remove the works and ban you, with no report and not "grudge". Acting like this is like living on the old bomb that can blow every moment. If you wanna stay cool, let's defuse the "bomb"!

4 cases

To make it more clear and put a fat point on the prejudice discussion, let's consider 4 cases. Your work may or may not violate the rules. It may or may not be reported, so...

Case A. The work violates the rules AND have been reported.

This case raises the most anger. People start to support the artist and swear the reporter. Reporter is villain, because "he has something personal against artist"; artist is innocent, because... we like his art :)
Guys, it's NOT honest. If you pass the road intersection on a red light and someone have shot you and reported to police, you'll get problems not because something hates you, but because you've passed on the red light. Even if the report was submitted by your enemy, it's not an indulgence for you - you could have been caught by police officer, or (in case of DA) admin Waaaah! 

Case B. The work violates the rules and have NOT been reported.

Most works are neither reviewed by site staff nor considered by "angry people" who may report. As a result, the violating work may exist here for years. Do you think it's the better case? Not at all!
The more time passes, the more effort you put into your account and the more envious people you attract. One day one of them may report the work, or (even worse) it will just catch the admin's eye by chance... and you'll lose everything because of some "wrong" works. It may sound weird, but you'd better to clean your gallery yourself and don't put the decent work in a risk.

Case C. The work DOESN'T violate the rules and have NOT been reported.

No comments (no report = no problems) Giggle 

Case D. The work DOESN'T violate the rules and HAVE been reported.

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't mean the work will be removed. It will just be reviewed by the site staff (in fact, staff reviews the works even with no reports). If you don't violate the rules, you have nothing to worry about.

So, you're saying you have some enemies wanting to harm you by report? Okay! Posting angry comments will only please them (it means they've managed not only harm the account, but your person too)! These people are usually "trolls" so the sight of you anger is their food. If you want to get fun, not anger, and "win" this battle, do one simple thing - remove all the violating images (even very old) yourself. If there would be no "bad images", there would be no possibility to harm you. Let your enemy to report your works 100 times a day... and get nothing except for silence, while you get the happy comments from your fans!

And the last moment.
If someone says you do something wrong (especially on porn topic), I'd recommend you to listen and not argue. One day I've spotted a work violating the rules, sent the artist a note... and received "Get lost" in reply. I've immediately reported the work - not because the work is "very bad", but because it's NOT OK to neglect your colleagues trying to help you.
Remember that some people may do this even with no preliminary polite note, and only because they dislike you.
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This one was a special commission made by LeoDanielPreda 
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